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Online consultations are part of an easily accessible triage system using clinically led decision making. By working their way through a series of questions about their symptoms, patients can be directed to the most effective services and resources. Serious issues can be picked up and alert them to seek urgent medical care rather than wait for a doctor’s appointment.

Patients can request sick notes. Information about symptoms – entered on the online form in a variety of common ailments, can be sent through to the doctor to look at, and respond to via text message.

To access this service please click on the link below:

Round the Clock Access to Healthcare Information

You can now access a wealth of health advice that’s clinically tailored to your symptoms.

Online Consult allows you to check your symptoms, receive medical advice and submit a health request directly to your GP through an online portal at any time of day or night. It’s simple to use and easily accessible via our practice website, so there’s no need to wait in phone queues.

How Does Online Consult Work?

Simply fill in a health enquiry form outlining your symptoms. You’ll then be directed to information articles and videos advising you on how to treat your symptoms and what you may need to do next. The forms are quick and easy to use and tailored to give you help and advice that’s specific to your condition.

Your completed form will be sent to us so that we can review the information provided and advise you on the most appropriate next step. You can find more information about Online Consult on our website or your Patient Access account.